View Full Version : notifynewlisting.php - mailing out new listings daily instead of one at a time.

07-18-2005, 10:48 AM
The requirement is a simple upgrade of the php email alert file notifynewlisting.php for open realty 1.1.5b.

Basically the existing email alert file needs to be expanded so it emails out details of the newest real estate listings posted on the site to the subscribed users based on the search criteria that each user has chosen on a daily, every other day, weekly or monthly basis.

At present the script only mails out each new listing separately without any time lapse. The script should first collect all the new listings that match the chosen criteria of each user in a database table or temp file, then email them out in the time frame that the user selected (daily, weekly...) by running the script (php file) through cron job.

I would like to receive some reasonable quotes for this work and select someone with experience in coding OR mods.