View Full Version : Money for Auto (ie - Car) Mod

01-27-2006, 02:34 AM
Hey all. I have placed with OO1.1.something and I realize that's it's simple to modify it to accomodate cars, etc. etc. But I figured that if I can offer a few bucks to someone, I can just have it done for me.

I am looking for a complete mod for OO2.0 for autos/cars, meaning the template and the mods to whatever config files are necessary so that all of the searches and whatever-the-hells are laden with all car makes and models (or is that something the agents add?) It does not have to be unique to me. A template you've sold before is cool so long as the other person (people) are cool with it too.

Also, I'll be looking for someone to spend about 2 hours over the phone (my dime) explaining it all to me. I figure one 1hr phone call to tell me how everything is put together and how access to the site works for sellers, buyers, admin, etc. And then another hour over two half-hours with questions that come up in my head later.

Please write to info at counterpoint-techDOTcom and please have a price point and, preferably, a demo of your work.