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03-24-2006, 02:50 PM
We are looking for a developer in the Atlanta, GA area (preferably N.E. Atlanta) who is a PHP, HTML, MySQL, Joomla and Open-Realty "Jedi". We are launching a number of websites for the real estate market in over 50 cities in the next few months and need a real pro.

Our plan is to build a group of companies under one holding company and then sell the entire thing in 3-5 years (iVilliage just went for $600MM). We have the plans and the management, what we are looking for is the "Jedi" to help us build, refine and manage these websites.

The reason we are looking for someone in Atlanta is that we are all currently working in executive management positions and don't plan to leave for a few months. We need to be able to meet and strategize (and sometimes drink) locally. A long distance relationship will not work for us.

This is a "Starbucks Startup". Meaning that we meet there a lot. Nobody gets paid for what they do. Everyone we bring on at this point receives ownership in the company. If we do just 10% of what we have projected, we (and you) will all do well.

Our experience includes everything from e-commerce startups, mergers and acquisitions for NYSE companies, franchising, sales, marketing, etc. We are not kids. The top two guys have a combined age of 96.

You will have to devote a minimum of ten (10) hours a week to development (on your schedule), one meeting a week and phone calls out the "Wazoo". If you can't make the commitment, or just want to "peek up our skirt" so to speak...please don't respond.

If you possess all of the following, you should contact us:

PHP, HTML, MySQL, Joomla and Open-Realty "Jedi"
a portfolio (of sorts) of work you have done or are doing
a resume with real world work experience
the ability to focus on the project(s) a min of ten hours a week
the ability to deliver heinous amounts of work product
a burning desire to be a part of something BIG
a burning desire to have ownership in something BIG
the ability to work hard AND have fun (occasionally)
live in the Atlanta area (Buckhead/Midtown up 75/400/85 corridors preferably)
valid drivers license and a car (your mom's does not count)
we will consider out of town/country for the right person

I have to say serious inquiries only.

The first step is to email us you resume in an MSWord document. Give us any relevant info you feel we should know about you in the email including contact information. It is not necessary to send a separate cover letter. Our collective attention spans are not long enough to read both. We will setup a "Starbucks Meeting" if you have the right stuff.

If you feel you are "THE" person for this gig...no one could do it better than you....and you should be ultimately compensated for what YOU can do....and that we would be making a HUGE mistake by not talking to you...then we want to talk to you. Cocky and arrogant is OK as long as you can back it up.

Don't post questions or responses to this post here. We won't read 'em if you don't follow the directions.

Contact us at ptrau@gdpglobalpartners.com