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  1. Hello gslboy,

    yes this is exactly what my addon does!

    You can define the fields you want to chain in an admin page inside your OR administration and than just put one of two available addon tags inside your search forms.

    The first tag {addon_linked_searchp} starts the search with the Property Class, example:

    the second tag {addon_linked_search} can be used on the pclass specific search pages and the pclass will be read automaticly so it only shows:

    You can even chain more than 3 fields on my page I chained 4 fields +pclass.... but you could even chain more


  2. Hi ,
    I just saw your chain select search add-on. It's nice. I hope to implement this in my site in the future. My requirement is this , Will it loads the cities of a given State (for example if I select state " XX" then it will only loads cities in state "XX") will your addon do this ?

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