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  1. Re: Propviews - Latest and Most Viewed Properties

    Hi Jawaman,
    Ive just started to use same addon ,(most viewed properties) but it shows all fetatured properties, is there a setting i can put limit of properties to be shown for example 3 ?
    If you...
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    Re: Matematic's latest properties addon

    Hi ciuciu,
    i have installed addons pack from matematic too, i can see from admin panel / addons they are ok. But how will i change that vertical featured properties to be latest properties? Could...
  3. Having Latest Listings Vertical Instead Of Featured Listings?? Help Please.

    Hi There,
    Im using rounded_boxes template for my site. on the left hand side of the website (underneath menu table) it shows featured listings, but i want it to be shown as latest listings instead,...
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