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  1. request for putting CSS tag into core file:


    I don't know where this fits into the new system, but I have a suggestion for a feature. My client didn't like the wide spacing of thumbnail pics in a detailed listing. He said put them...
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    Re: bid for lead capture system

    Hi Ritman,

    Client would like to mimic behavior of this site:

    have a sample listing on the home page left, with a search page on right. if user is registered,...
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    bid for lead capture system

    Client wants to mimic this interaction:

    let unregistered user do a search, and show 1 search results (as full listing) on the left half of page, and show sign-up on right half of page. Also say...
  4. session datum not posting quick enough to use it

    Customer wants to redirect to a detailed page when a non-registered user does a search. pbflash suggested putting this snippet in search_results_default.html template:

  5. Hook System files not found in 2.5.8 dirs

    I see the documentation for 2.5.8 mention the hook system in the hooks folder under the OR root folder. I haven't found this folder or the 3 files. Are they still around somewhere? I have the 2.5.8...
  6. navigation menu color hard to see

    Hi all,

    I think the nav menu's on the are just too light. I have to really look at each line to see it; in other words, the headers just don't stand out enough for my taste. Like...
  7. Re: stuck on a programming template display problem

    Ah! Just what the Doctor ordered! Thanks PB.
  8. stuck on a programming template display problem

    Hi all,

    I've successfully modified the function load_page (...) a little to change the behavior thus: if a person is not logged in and does a search, the search page showing...
  9. Re: Search Page Options: Checkbox individual vs Distinct List Allow Multiple

    OK! The simple answer is to expand the list from the default of 5 to 22, which shows all the options. Actually it wasn't too hard to find in /include/ Around line 1660, under "case...
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    Re: Admin Rookie updating pages

    1) You can update colors via css elements in style.css in /or/template/vertical-menu directory. Or if you just want to color a part of the "about us," "contact us" pages, go to admin, and click on...
  11. Search Page Options: Checkbox individual vs Distinct List Allow Multiple

    Hi all,

    Right now, I have search enabled on "Area", a field that's useful in a rural setting. The client likes Checkboxes--because you can see them all at once (unlike the list that only shows 5...
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