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    Install and Clone of my other OR site.

    I need OR 2.5.8 (cant use new one as my temp does not support) installed on a web server, a template applied (existing edited template from my previous OR Site). And add-ons installed (all but one...
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    Re: Please price for openrealty addoninstall

    Thanks I thought that may be the case.

    I have sent you an email.
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    Re: Please price for openrealty addoninstall

    I have sent a couple of emails to the pbflash address but have not got a response. please can you confirm the email address to send to. I have sent a message through your site as well so hopefully...
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    Please price for openrealty addoninstall

    We need this add-on installed to our site. We will do the contact form templates but we would need the tags inserted into the pages.
  5. Help making contact agent popup always email the site admin not the listing agent

    my current site, when someone clicks to enquire about the property it loads a pop-up box which automatically emails the listing agent. we have a single pool website for all incoming enquiry so would...
  6. Help Editing the Subject in contact agent popup using

    I would like the email title to show a different field to the listing id on the contact agent pop-up.

    I know I need to edit the contact.ini and think I have found the line I just don't know the...
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    Virtual Tour Template

    I am looking for a nice template for virtual tours. i have searched everywhere for free or paid templates and cannot find any.

    does anyone know where i can find these.
  8. Open Reality Install + minor template customisation

    I need to update my old website and switch to OR.

    I need someone to install OR on my server, set it up to my specification (nothin special, i am a lettings agent so all sales stuff needs to be...
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