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    userdb_can_edit_blog error adding new user

    OK, so here's the scenario:

    Running O-R version 2.5.8, upgraded from previous version.
    Tried to add a new user, entered all the necessary details.
    Hit the add user button, and page goes to "Page...
  2. Re: Listing Template Editor "Page Cannot Be Found"

    The computer is a local server, not a web host. I've been through the Event Viewer and IIS logs, nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that it's trying to load the 500.shtml file to...
  3. Listing Template Editor "Page Cannot Be Found"

    So, logged in as Administrator and under the Admin menu, I am able to "Edit Agent Template", "Edit Member Template", "Property Classes" with no problems.

    However, if I try to edit any category...
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    Page Editor HTTP 500 error

    Installation went smoothly. All components installed fine, site comes up at with no problem. However, logged in as administrator, I open the Page Editor, which opens...
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