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  1. Show or sortby search results by price for both rentals and sales

    I have setup: - OR -2.5.8

    pclass1 = Sales
    pclass 2 = Rentals

    Then: -

    One field called sales_price which I'm using for the price in property sales and is only in pclass1.
    Second filed is...
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    Re: Getting Price "Step By" to Something Normal

    This was helpful for me thanks.

    Ref the Max price:-
    One other thing I did because the max / highest price of my listings was 8,900,500 I rounded it off by adding another inactive listing of...
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    Re: isOwner and Availability addon

    Hi Rob

    Well done, really cool addon, I have been playing around with it and works really well.

    But having trouble when trying to get it to work in Spanish language, i have the es.lang.php file...
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    Re: Hide Delete Listing for a specific agent

    Just bumping this, Can anyone help please.
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    Hide Delete Listing for a specific agent

    I wanted to stop one agent from being able to delete any listings including their own, so I want to hide the link but still allow other agents to be able to delete their own listings.

    So the...
  6. Thread: Addon img sold

    by jez

    Re: Addon img sold

    Hi thanks for the heads up.

    I have also found something which may help people who use the hyphen - in seo friendly pages that use this addon. ( I am using V.2.5.5)

    If you are using the...
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    Re: Imgsold 1.6 thumbnail images


    Did you ever manage to acheive this? if yes what did you do as I would like to do the same thing.

    Also if you didn't manage it, do you remember what code you changed so that only the main...
  8. Re: Featured listings on external site and define property class

    Thanks for the quick reply, I will try it out tomorrow.



    Thanks that worked fine with version 2.5.5
  9. Featured listings on external site and define property class

    Ref pbflash's excellent featured listings on external site free addon -, is it possible to show featured listings by class on the external site?
  10. Re: Feature listings specific to a pclass and specific field such as city

    Thanks Mick, I never found that page using search on the Wiki page, I knew it must be obvious.

    Thanks for the fast reply.
  11. Re: Feature listings specific to a pclass and specific field such as city

    I want to acheive Featured listings for a specific pclass and I have searched through the forum and Wiki Docs and can't find the actual format of the Template Tags I need to display this.
    If anyone...
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    Preview Listing Privately

    I need a feature where: -

    The listing is added by us, then before it is allowed to be active they have a username & password to preview their listing (read only) to make sure it is ok. Then after...
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    Re: search_results_class_CLASSID.html problem

    Thanks for the reply Paul. It made me check and go over everything again.

    I had 'search_result_class_5.html' rather than 'search_results_class_5.html' so I was missing the 's' on the word result....
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    search_results_class_CLASSID.html problem

    I am trying to use different search Templates for different property classes for a site that has Long Term Rentals, Holiday Rentals and Property Sales.
    (I am using Version 2.4.3)

    I think I have...
  15. Is it possible to Split images on listingview.php

    (Using version 1.5 )
    What I would like to achieve is the following layout: -
    Say each listing had 6 images, i want to get 3 in the left column have text / features etc in the center column and then...
  16. Thanks for the response, I see what you are...

    Thanks for the response, I see what you are saying, if I changed the default text so rather than saying specifics like select TYPE or select CITY etc for searchbox_pulldown_vertical for instance so...
  17. When I have a drop down / pulldown menu as part...

    When I have a drop down / pulldown menu as part of a search say like for TYPE, the form default is blank (this returns all the results which is good), but instead of it being blank I want it to say -...
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