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  1. Re: new listing notification not working in 2.5.8

    In the docs it says "Alternatively you could also add a link to the Listing Notification System in the admin page using the following code:

  2. Change Add to favorites link to an image OK in FF but not in IE8?

    Hi I'm trying to change the "add to favorites" link in my listing page to a small button image to make it more prominant similar, to this old thread here
    Ive simply pasted some html into the listing...
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    Blog doesnt work? or a bug?

    Hi, I'm having some problems getting the blog to work? is there a bug? or has anyone got it working ?

    Updated to 2.5.8 posted a test blog, went back in to blog manager and the option to...
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    2.5.8 upgrade, weird happenings??

    Hi, just upgraded to 2.5.8, and having a few problems, when I log into admin area, input my user and pw, all the admin icons are visible, however when I click on any of them, I get bounced back to...
  5. Re: RSS Last Modified feed just stopped working?

    thank you so much, that did the trick.
    regds Neil
  6. Re: RSS Last Modified feed just stopped working?

    thanks for the reply, yeah it just started working again on its own, I did nothing, but now the "Featured Listings feed" is showing the same error, when I posted originally Featured was...
  7. RSS Last Modified feed just stopped working?

    My RSS last modified feed has stopped displaying? up until last week it was fine, no it just opens the feed window and displays nothing? Featured works OK though. I've made a few changes recently and...
  8. Brochure Addon with only 3 thumbnails?

    Is it possible to use the brochure addon to show main image and to control the number of thumnails?
    I have 10 thumbs on each listing so when using the brochure it spills onto 2 pages.
    What I'm...
  9. Database error on upgrade install, Please help?

    Anyone help please? I've cocked something up during installing upgrade to 2.5.8, when I get to step 6 setting up database, Im getting the following error ERROR - ALTER TABLE default_en_userdb ADD...
  10. Re: Would members be interested in this layout

    :)Yes I'd certainly be interested.
  11. Re: upgrade to 2.5.8 from 2.53 blog error?

    Sorry for the bump on this one, but I'm getting nowhere fast. I really need to get the blog feature working:confused:

    really appreciate any help.
  12. upgrade to 2.5.8 from 2.53 blog error?

    I'm trying to upgrade from 2.5.3 to 2.5.8, when I run the installer I get the following error:

    ERROR - CREATE TABLE default_en_blogmain ( blogmain_id INT4 NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, userdb_id INT4...
  13. "Show Field to" admin only not working

    I'm using OR 2.5.3 and am having a problem. I've added a new field in the Edit Listings Template and selected show field to "Admin only", however it shows to all users whether Admin or not?
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    Re: {addon_showresults_display} Addon

    Ok, I've got this set up to show a selected list of properties using the 'status' field name ie HOT this then displays on a separate page.

    I now want to display a second set of properties using...
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    Re: {addon_showresults_display} Addon

    I could use a little help setting this up from any of you experienced coders?

    I'm trying to get a list of "hot" properties displayed as a search result on a seperate page using page editor.
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    Re: Autoplay Slideshow


    Many thanks for that too. Just one little question....can it be slowed down a bit? If so how?

    thanks again,
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    Cant turn off filename?

    Hi, I've searched the forum and the bug tracker and I havent found the answer.
    I've uploaded a couple of files to one of my listings, but in the listing display, the filename AND the caption are...
  18. Re: Template rounded_boxes doesn't work well on IE

    Thanks for the % Tip, I will give it a go. One of my clients upgraded yesterday to IE7 and can view the site fine now.
    BTW I love the IE6 splash pages;-)
  19. Re: Template rounded_boxes doesn't work well on IE

    I'm having a similar problem. I run a fsbo site using rounded boxes, it's fine in :
    IE7, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and my colleagues IE6. However we have just found a couple...
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    Re: Town and Country Property Network

    Unruley, love the site well done, out of interest what Paypal addon are you using for your advertising package page?

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    Please Critique my 1st OR site?

    Hi All,

    I'd really appreciate ANY feedback good or bad on my first attempt with OR. ....yeah I know its only rounded boxes, but I figured it was a good place to...
  22. Re: swap {contact_agent_link} with an image?


    Thank you very much for such a prompt and consice reply, thats exactly the help I needed.
    I now have the results I want and I've learned in the process.

    Thanks again,
  23. swap {contact_agent_link} with an image?

    I've searched for similar threads and read the docs which hint towards {contact_agent_link_url} but doesn't explain how to use it, I'm pretty new to all this coding, but willing to learn if someone...
  24. Re: place 1 listing with thumb and short desc on homepage?

    Duh! I always seem to miss the obvious Copy and paste seems to work just fine:) sorry guys.
  25. place 1 listing with thumb and short desc on homepage?

    I've searched and read for ages and I can't seem to find the answer.
    I'd appreciate any help or advice for the following:

    I'd like to have 1 individual listing with a thumb pic and short desc....
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