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Thread: Universal permission tag??

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    Default Universal permission tag??

    Is there not a permission tag that cam be used universally with field names? I check out the wiki under listing template, and permission tags, and found none.

    basically the universal tag for field name would only show if the field name was populated with something.

    such as:
    Skype 'My status' button
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <a href="skype:{listing_agent_field_FIELDNAME_value}? call"><img src="" style="border: none;" width="182" height="44" alt="My status" /></a>

    otherwise, how would we do and if statement in php for field name?

    I might take the time to create this as an add-on and post it for everyone.. I think it would be cool if the agents and users could use their skype to communicate.


    It think i solved it with:

    PHP Code:
     $skype_name "{listing_agent_field_skypename_value}";
                                    if ( 
    $skype_name != "" ) {
    Skype 'My status' button
    <script type="
    text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <a href="skype:{listing_agent_field_skypename_value}?call"><img src="" style="border: none;" width="182" height="44" alt="My status" /></a>
    Crap all I get is t_String error now with:
    PHP Code:
                                if ( 
    $skype_name != "" ) {
                                <script type="
    text/javascript" src="      "></script>
    `                <a href="skype:{listing_agent_field_skypename_value}?call"><img src="" style="border: none;" width="182" height="44" alt="My status" /></a>";
    Anyone got any ideas?
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