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Thread: Notification/Pruning Addon

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    Default Notification/Pruning Addon

    The Notification/Pruning addon is an addon designed to notify agents of pending listing expirations, expired listings, and delete expired listings past the set grace period.


    Works with or without cron.
    No OR core files modified.
    Notifies agents of pending expirations
    Notifies agents of expired listings
    Optionally notifies admin of expired and deleted listings
    Optionally deletes expired listings and associated images, etc. past a set grace period
    Email subject and content can be set in admin
    Email content supports HTML
    Days are set in admin for pending notifications and grace period before deletion
    Optionally includes links in email to automatically renew or delete listings
    Includes notify_cron.php and crontab.txt for setting up cron

    Requirements: - Cron access if using cron.

    Click Here for details and screenshot
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