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Thread: Interface with RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard)

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    Any more word on this, Ryan?

    Still a hot topic around here, and would be an excellent resource. I, unfortunately have already lost a few clients because they want access to their local MLS. :(

    Thanks, man!

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    just wanting to see whats going on with this thread?

    I will be contacting the local mls here to see what steps can be taken for integration. I hope to solve these issues with idx.

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    Anyone having any luck implementing IDX on a website? I'm very interested in a solution to go with Open Realty. Someone please e-mail me at

    Thanks in advance!

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    RETS is more of a server/client specification than anything else. If your MLS implements a RETS server as it’s IDX solution, you’ve got it made. There are a lot of RETS front ends out there, fact I believe there are some free working ones on the RETS page.

    Our MLS unfortunately went with a direct download solution. We have to FTP down all of the listings as large column delineated text files and large compressed files of pictures. I had a custom solution coded to download, decompress, and write to the database all with a search front end. It is written in PHP and uses templates (all similar to Open-Realty). If this sounds like it is the way your MLS is going, contact me off board and I will attempt to help.

    Phil Adkins

    P.S. if you would like to see it action go to or

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