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Thread: Add new Handler for Form Template Editor

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    Add New Handler for Form Template Editor:

    			case "plain-text": // handles plain text - non field
    				echo "<td align=\"center\" class=\"row_main\"> $field_value</td>";

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    You may need to ba a little more specific about the use of it and excactly what people should do to use it.

    Note: When posting snippets of information or code for people to use try to remember that some people may want to use it but have no idea what they are doing or what to do with it. Doing this can save multiple posts from people asking

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    Your right I should do that. And will be shortly.

    rendering the form, I would like to render "plain text."

    I have designed a application template editor, mixed and matched the code. I will be uploading it to the Mods area closer to friday, after I get all the bugs worked out.

    A person is able to design there own application for customers to submit information into. The Goal was to make a mortgage application, or fast email application.

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