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    I am hopeing that this programme could help me out!

    I am doing a "Creative Writing" Site.

    Members can upload there PDF FILES or Wordpad documents into diffrent categories, "romantic, thriller, suspense"

    They can have a profile about themself´s and picture ect.

    Another big factor is if a user goes to the site they can rate peices of work and then have the top 10 rated pop up on the first page.

    Any help on how I could acomplish this, or if anyone can point me in the right directions it would be really apriciated.

    I am looking into doing also a amatuer music site and also a modelling site.

    Any ideas guys!

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    the question would be why would you want to use open-realty for this kind of thing?

    you might be able to find something to better suit your needs at

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