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Thread: why are there codes for "top_left", etc...

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    Default why are there codes for "top_left", etc...

    I see on the template pages provided by OR, that there are "top_left" etc.. codes.... those codes then pull up other amounts of code (1st question, is how and where do i see what is in the "top_left" code block... and 2nd question is, Why is it done this way... why not just list THAT code directly where it says "top_left"... i am still WAY new, i've managed to dl this thing, and get it half way working and uploaded in 2 days, is that good? lol... im on a serious time crunch here.. gah!


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    Default Re: why are there codes for "top_left", etc...

    those are template sections for listing fields. its done that way so that you can have a listing template and place the section tags on the template where you want.. then when you add or edit listing fields you can select which template section you want them to appear in on the listing detail page and they will automatically be displayed in that section.

    If you add a tag for each listing field individually on the templates then you will have to do so anytime you add or edit listing field names and it will take a whole lot more work to get your layout right.. but that method does allow more control over the layout.
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