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Thread: U.M.P. - Unofficial Multilingual Patch for Open-RealtyŽ

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    Default U.M.P. - Unofficial Multilingual Patch for Open-RealtyŽ

    This thread has been locked at the request of the OP

    Hello all,

    Gregor Hartmaier (CanariasData) and Eduardo Marques (ebmarques) are announcing the release of the U.M.P. - Unofficial Multilingual Patch for Open-RealtyŽ
    EDITED at Feb,16/2007: O-R version 2.3.6
    EDITED at Sep,20/2007: O-R version 2.4.3 - rev.1911
    EDITED at Feb,11/2008: O-R version 2.4.4 (to upgrade, you can also follow the instructions here)
    EDITED at Jun,17/2008: O-R version 2.5.2
    EDITED at Sep,30/2008: O-R version 2.5.3
    EDITED at Nov,17/2008: O-R version 2.5.5
    EDITED at Jan,27/2009: O-R version 2.5.6
    EDITED at Jul,21/2009: O-R version 2.5.7
    EDITED at Oct,19/2009: O-R version 2.5.8

    You can see a working demo here (Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Russian, Spanish (Spain), Turkish, Hungarian, Croatian, Swedish and Finnish):

    You can download the complete install package for free here (UMP/O-R v.2.5.8):
    Alternative link for download:

    For the people that wish to help us with translations and to add new languages, join the translation team at:

    If you wish to know wich is the latest UMP SVN revision, go to: - You will see our log file.
    If you wish to create a local UMP SVN repository, you can "checkout" anonymously, using the same URL (using TORTOISE for example). The same as O-R (
    Just to let you know: UMP SVN was hosted by TIGRIS.ORG and were recently transfered to CODE.GOOGLE.COM (the last revision at TIGRIS.ORG was rev.144 and when transfered to CODE.GOOGLE.COM we started over with rev.1)
    Just to remember: SVN package is not supposed to be used at a production site!

    ABOUT UMP and O-R:
    Ryan Bonham, Open-RealtyŽ Devs and Forum Moderators are aware about this project and the most important is there will be NO support for this Patch at the O-R Forum (once there are core files modified). This project is NOT a fork of O-R. It will be discontinued with the release of O-R Multilingual (maybe version 3) but will be updated the same as the official versions till O-R version 3.

    The core files modifications are 100% the Template Changer Method (not the add-on), posted by pbflash - so he deserves all credits for the success on making this Patch. We thank you Paul, for the best tip ever!

    Additionally, Gregor and Eduardo are offering a Multilingual Add-on that will work only with this Patch (an update of this add-on is almost finished and will be integrated soon: the lang variables and all translations are going to be stored at the DB so will be possible to add/edit/delete them at the Admin Area). This first release is a work in progress. There are some fixes needed and the languages are not totally translated.
    IT IS NOT 100% Multilingual: at the search page the field elements are NOT being translated - we will need to add the search forms to the add-on. The main goal is to remove all core files modifications, having ONLY an add-on acting - so this Patch dies and just the add-on remains.

    IMPORTANT: Use the "Add-on Manager" to keep your Multilingual add-on updated. The most recent add-on is version 2.1.1

    PLEASE DO NOT USE IT AT A PRODUCTION SITE ON FIRST TRY! Test it first and backup your site before installing!

    Gregor and Eduardo also launched where you will be able to:
    - contact us to ask questions about this Patch
    - download templates and add-ons for the Official O-R
    - hire us as Designers
    (as usual, each commercial transaction will have a correspondent donation to help O-R development)

    Have fun!
    Gregor Hartmaier and Eduardo Marques
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