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    I'm looking at the admin panel, trying to figure out how I go about uploading a new template and then assigning it as the default, or whatever the process is with Open Realty, but I don't see anything that covers this either in the control panel of the documentation. What am I missing?

    Also, how do I go about changing the menu items that appear in the navigation bar? We want that structured very differently than the initial installation.

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    upload your new template folder into ordirectory/template/ and then in site config(in admin panel) you can choose which one is default..

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    A suggestion:

    Look at your template folder and you will see two dirs:
    - ../template/vertical-menu/
    - ../template/cms_integration/

    Make a complete COPY of "vertical-menu" folder (with all files inside it) and name this new dir with the name you want (it will be your site template name).
    Then login as ADMIN, go to Site Config, Templates tab and choose as default the new template you created.
    Now your site is using THOSE file templates. The MAIN file... is "main.html" - look at the source code of this file and you will find the menu you want to modify.

    Here ( you will read:
    "Site Template - This is the Template that the site will use. The Default included template is named "vertical-menu". Any new template directories in the /template directory will appear in this section."


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