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Thread: Need a few specific add-ons...

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    Default Need a few specific add-ons...

    I'm converting from iHomefinder to Open-Realty and need a few add-ons to get the same functionality plus one.

    1. Property search and user sign-up as one form that can be used on all pages.

    2. Take my current Zillow API modu and make it an add-on. The coding is done. It just needs to point the user at the OP DB.

    3. Make password "Not Required" for users only.

    4. Make the search form templatized not the page the form.

    5. Pick the cities that will be listed. Right now they are bringing up all of the cities listed in the DB.

    6. Email updates to users (property search) Ability to edit template and send the search result listing in the email with a trackable link.

    7. Tracking mechanism so I can see what properties were clicked on by whom.

    8. The ability to develop multiple search types with different fields (i.e. Advanced search, Income Property Search, Commercial Property Search, etc.)

    Is there anyone out there interested in this? Give me a call at 888-801-6050.


    Clancy Fort

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    Default Re: Need a few specific add-ons...


    If you want to send me what you have on the Zillow API I'll look into making it into an addon to make freely available. I personally have not been all that keen on Zillow as their values seem to be way off compared to the market in my area and I think its a tool that screams to the end user that you don't need a realtor and could actually hurt business.

    However, I've seen a lot of posts and requests about Zillow and I'm sure it would make several people happy to have an addon for it.

    For #6, Check the feature request system and see if there is a feature request posted for it... if there isn't post that as a feature request and we'll see about getting that into a future version of Open-Realty.
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