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    Unhappy Category link


    This is my first post here, so... My name is Catalin, I'm from Romania and I'm a 'little' web designer.
    I'm sorry for beginning my series of posts with a problem, but... what can I do?

    Well, here is my problem:
    I have created some new categories in my brand new installed OR. Also, on the first page I want to have links to the new categories. How can I do that?


    Homes - Farms - MyCategory1 - MyCategory2 - MyCategory3

    That is my menu. When a visitor will click one of that links he will see in the {content} page all the listings in from that category.

    I saw that the address of the link "Homes" is: /a href="{baseurl}/index.php?action=search_step_2&pclass[]=1" title="Homes"\

    In my admin the category Homes have the class rank "1". And "MyCategory1" have the class rank "3" so I tried setting this url: "/a href="{baseurl}/index.php?action=search_step_2&pclass[]=3" title="MyCategory"\" to the link "MyCategory" and nothing happens. I see the same search_step2 page

    Please wish me a worm "Hello" by helping me
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Category link

    If your fields and search options are the same for the 2 categories, the search page will look the same.


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