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Thread: Problems with Installation at Step 3

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    Unhappy Problems with Installation at Step 3

    I am trying to install the latest version of Open Realty 2.4.3 at the following site:

    I have followed all instructions in documentation. I get through the first steps - choosing language = English and then it checks all permissions and comes back correct on all the files and folders then when I click "Click To Continue Installation" it loads the page for step 3 and I see the Open Realty logo but nothing else on the page. I get no error on the screen and the same thing happens in both IE 7 and Firefox browser. Since it stops here I cannot select the type of installation I want to perform. Any suggestions on what is wrong and how to correct it?

    I am on a shared hosting server with - OS Version: Debian, PhP Version: 4.4.7 , MySQL Version: 5.0.45 and PHP GD support.

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    Default Re: Problems with Installation at Step 3

    Did you check your server error logs?


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