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To help ensure people get the most out of your hard work please include the following information with your post:

Template Name
Template Description
Open-Realty version - Note the version of Open-Realty you developed your addon with so people can have some idea if it will work with their version of the software.
Documentation - Note if your template has documentation included or post instructions in your post if they are required to help users use your template.
Required Components - If your template requires additional components in order to function properly or as should be expected then make note of that on your post.

Attach a copy of your template as a zip file for download. Links to templates will not be accepted in the free template forum so that we can ensure the templates are around for users to use, enjoy and modify in the future.

By posting releases you are certifying that you have the right to do so and that no files, code, software, scripts, images or any other items in your post are copyrighted or restricted under a license that would restrict you from having the right to release it. Any items included in your release, or required by your release should be detailed and the licenses for those items included and remain intact for the end user.