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Thread: search_results_class_CLASSID.html problem

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    Unhappy search_results_class_CLASSID.html problem

    I am trying to use different search Templates for different property classes for a site that has Long Term Rentals, Holiday Rentals and Property Sales.
    (I am using Version 2.4.3)

    I think I have followed the instructions correctly on: -

    search_results_class_CLASSID.html So in my example I added a new property class 5 where I need a different search results template.

    So I copied the default search page changed some text on it so I will know it is a different page when it loads and renamed it search_results_class_CLASS5.html etc.
    So now when the non default class ID is called the new results template page comes up ok except is has no data in it, as in any of the field values.

    I tried it on 2 different installations and have the same problem.
    Not sure if I am doing something obviously wrong or missed something, any pointers or help to why this is happening would be appreciated please?

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    Default Re: search_results_class_CLASSID.html problem


    For class 5 name the file search_results_class_5.html and it should work


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    Default Re: search_results_class_CLASSID.html problem

    Thanks for the reply Paul. It made me check and go over everything again.

    I had 'search_result_class_5.html' rather than 'search_results_class_5.html' so I was missing the 's' on the word result.

    All the other default pages have 'result' rather than 'results' in their titles.


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