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    Default Weekly Rent...Please Help

    My Weekly Rental addon is slowly coming's current in version .6

    If anyone would have a little bit of spare time to download the addon and take a look to give some feedback I would greatly appreciate it.

    To add the Rental Schedule to your listings use the {addon_weeklyrent_dsp} tag} . This will only display prices for the current year until 12-31. You can edit file to change. But you can add as many prices for future years as you'd like.

    Current version:
    - Can add multiple weekly rental prices for different times of year(no limit), including different increments(one can be a week, another three weeks)
    - Will check to make sure dates are not overlapping in same year. Also check to make sure the start date is before end date.
    - Mostly geared towards admins currently.(in future will tie in better with agents). So far agents should be limited to viewing and editing their own listings.
    -Can Add, View, Delete current Rental Prices.

    Will be working on:
    -Better/cleaner you can see this is version .6 but I'm getting to where I would really appreciate feedback to make sure it is functioning/usable as much as possible
    -Give admin option of what user IDs rentals to edit.
    -Change formatting to use CSS.

    Need a LOT of help on:
    How to tie this into the search engine however possible.
    I've seen the searchbox render for datarange, and adding listings to the form db but have held off because I'm confused by all them.

    If anyone could shed light on that and help point me in a better direction after looking at code I would be indebted, I just don't know where to start.

    If you are interested in using and have any questions please post them, and I'll try to help where possible.
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