In addition to the general Forum Rules the following restrictions apply to this forum.

The Work forum is where people can post for bids from developers to help develop custom solutions for Open-Realty®. This forum is open to the entire community to monitor, so anyone can respond with an offer to take on the job. Developers are NOT allowed to post here to advertise their services, only posts that are in direct response to a person seeking a developer are allowed. Any negotiations regarding fees, costs or etc. should be handled using private email or PM, and not by posting.

General Rules of Use:

This forum is for users to find people to do work on Open-Realty sites.

No posts for hosting or work on other scripts is allowed.

Any post deemed to be outside the above may be deleted with no warning given.

It is up to the programmer, designer, client to check the credentials of those they work with, Open-Realty Programmers, Hosts, designers, are not responsible for any work done or applied for in this forum.

Quotes and all negotiations are to be handled via PM, Instant Messages or Emails, please do not use the forums to conduct business.

Looking For work:
  • When responding to a call for work we suggest that you be honest and accurate regarding your pricing and abilities. If you cant do the work described don't apply for it.
  • Contact the person requesting work via PM, Instant Messages or Emails.
  • Always a good idea to include as much about your work as you can as this saves you replying to people who contact you with work that has nothing at all to do with what you do.

Looking for someone to do some work:
  • Be sure that the designer, Programmer knows what version of Open-Realty they will be working with and if possible a little about the hosting system (win/nix php version etc)
  • Provide accurate and complete details explaining what it is you want done.
  • Provide links to sites that will show even partially the effect you want from your site.
  • Provide accurate and complete contact details allowing programmers / designers to contact you.
  • Include an end date for applications. That way someone that visits the forum once a month will not be chasing you for work that was completed a month ago.
  • Be prepared to have the work done now. Know what you want and what you are willing to pay.
  • Be prepared to meet the programmer/designers terms of payment. This can often be up to 50% of the cost up front.

There is nothing special about the above but many people are under the misconception that the script is free so getting it modified is too. So if you try to meet the general standards above every-one will be happy including you.