I take it making a simple contact form for Open Realty is a hard feat to accomplish. I have a really nice PHP contact form that I'd like to use with Open Realty that supports both English and Spanish, yet getting it to work with Open Realty is becoming a major pain and headache. I'm almost willing to use Inline Frames (gasp!) for it to work.

I see a couple of commercial add-ons for it, but I really don't want to slap down $40 for a contact form that isn't nearly as good as what I already have and it looks like it's just a tweaked Contact Agent form made to not popup.

My question I guess would be... has anyone been able to get any independent form scripts to work with OR? or better yet UMP because I need a contact form for English and another which I can translate in Spanish.

Amazing the OR programmers didn't think of putting a contact email form in the script and what possessed them to use pop ups to contact the agents or use pop ups on other features? I think pop ups in general are awful to use since there are so many pop up blocker functions in browsers today.