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    Hello all,

    First, I'll admit that I'm a rookie with configuring this website, so please take it easy on me. Few questions that I can't find in documentation:

    1) I'm looking to update the color(s) of each page. I've searched the docs and this form with no luck. So one, it's not possible or two I'm the only idiot that can't figure it out?

    2) My company logo I've uploaded doesn't fit on the main page. I see where I can configure pictures that have been uploaded for listings, but I haven't found a way to change the size of the logo.


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    Default Re: Admin Rookie updating pages

    1) You can update colors via css elements in style.css in /or/template/vertical-menu directory. Or if you just want to color a part of the "about us," "contact us" pages, go to admin, and click on the page editor. You can change the html attributes for those pages there.

    2) You can also change the logo in style.css and main.html in the /or/template/vertical-menu directory as well.

    Hope that Helps!


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