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Thread: The Bug Tracker is missing a license..

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    Default The Bug Tracker is missing a license..

    A license key error occurred: The current IP address ( does not match the hostname in the license file. Most problems can be solved by deleting the key.php in your Arctic root directory and then refreshing this page. Contact Support
    If this could be fixed by the appropriate admin, that would be very helpful as I would like to submit a few bugs in both 2.4.4 and 2.5.

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    Default Re: The Bug Tracker is missing a license..

    We're aware of the issue. Its due to a server move and we're just waiting on the license key to be reset to the new server location.

    If you have bugs to report then you can PM them to me in the meantime as I'll be working on 2.5 tonight and tomorrow and I'm not sure if the tracker will be up by then
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