I am trying to figure out a problem, but I need help. I have searched the forum, but not found an answer.

I am in the process of moving my OR test site to another server and I am now noticing some glitches.

If I set up a listing field with a pull-down menu, any html entity I use loses its "identity" after I update the field. When I look at the webpage source, the html entity code has been replaced by the symbol the entity code was standing for.

This is not the case with html entities entered into text areas.

How can I use html entities in pull-down menus for listings?

I have often been puzzled about using html in some listing fields - the html code disappears and is replaced by the code "display" - am I doing something wrong? Is there a way of retaining the html code in the field and in the database?

I hope someone can help with this issue.