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    I'm sure most of you have already figured this out, but for those that haven't I have a neat tip. One of the visitors to our website was a real pain in the butt about his dissatisfaction with the way the prices displayed in the Prices dropdown when doing searches. Because it's based on lowest and highest listing price it had a tendency to be different each time he visited the site. I think the gentleman might be related to the TV character, Monk.

    Anyway I struggled, as I'm rather inexperienced, over how this could be remedied without doing or asking for coding to be done. Then it came to me and I felt like such the fool. All I did was create an inactive listing at $0.00 and it solved the problem. Now regardless of what price the listings are, the list always starts at $0-$50,000.

    I know this is probably old news, but for anyone that may have a thick spot in their head like me, hopefully this will be helpful.

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    Or, you could have just hardcoded the price field on your search page template and used static values.
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    See what I mean about inexperienced? I'll get up to speed eventually. I must say I really do enjoy working with OR. It is such a great software. It boggles my mind at how much work has gone into it since it started. Not to mention all you folks that have supported this forum for so many years. Other organizations could learn a lot from this. Thanks again.


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