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Thread: Transparent Maps install

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    Red face Transparent Maps install


    I attempted installing Transparent Maps so I can see Google Maps of listings however when I tried adding the {template_tag} on a web page, it says it cant find the location, and defaults to a location.

    I assumed it may have to do something with not having the Latitude and Longtitude columns in the database, which was supposed to be created at installation.

    I tried adding the columns to the table default_en_listingsdbelements, but I couldnt add them as type Latitude and Longtitude, instead I set them to int.

    The database is MySQL so I couldnt set custom data type for the columns.

    My question is why isn't it working as easy as everyone else, as I dont see anyone with this issue a lot.

    Thanks very much for any help, I need some pretty urgently.

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    Default Re: Transparent Maps install

    This forum is not for support of commercial addons. You need to contact Transparent Tech through their support desk.

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