hi, just wondering if anyone has added flash videos to the open realty site

i made some mods to a site a few months ago, that displayed flash videos instead of pictures on a listing page, but ran into a few problems on allowing users to upload

i have since lost the code and need to start all over again , i was thinking of doing away with images, virtual tours and files and just having video uploads

i will use ffmpeg to generate screen caputures from the submiited video and use these in place of upload image thumbs

videos will be uploaded buy users via the popular uber upload script and stored into maybe the files directory

once uploaded the video will be converted from the orginal format into flash format using either ffmpeg or mencoder, after which screen captures will be generated to seve as thumb previews

in essence turning open realy into a video sharing site

just wondering if anyone has done anything similar to this, if so, please let me no about your project so i can take alook at it