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    So your some sort of PHP GURU or you stumbled on something that would be a good addition to the mods area. Read on and i will try to save you the after effects of incorrect packageing etc.

    Mods come in two flavors MODS and ADDONS.

    A mod requires editing or intergration to the database and or other O-R files.
    An Add on is other than a link a complete drop in working feature.
    :arrow: ADDONS:
    Obviousely Addons are the easy ones since they require nothing more than a link.
    Site Link
    <a href="<?php echo $config&#91;baseurl&#93;; ?>/filename">TEXT</a>
    Admin Link
    <a href="<?php echo $config&#91;baseurl&#93;; ?>/admin/filename">TEXT</a>
    To offer an addon for download you must let people know how to format the link thats about all.

    :arrow: MODS:

    Creating a mod that integrates with the original files of any software is often less than fun but if you like a challenge its worth it.
    Once you have the module working in your own setup you must test it on a standard new install to ensure it is going to integrate. Being able to test on different servers is an advantage.
    Ryan as lead developer has placed standards on mod codeing which for the best part are followed. That makes the mods easy to understand enableing others to help with extras and fixes as needed. These can be found here and should at least be read.

    Open realty is available world wide and for that reason if no other you should make every attempt to include language files in your mod package. these can be added to the current language file or an include added to the standard file.

    Supplying your package in a prepacked directory structure is good paractice as the files are sure to be placed correctly to suit your codeing.

    Dont include any file that will overwrite a standard installation file without makeing sure the person installing is going to know the file will be overwritten.

    If you want credit for your module (of course you do) include at the top of the pages a small commented area with the mod name and version your name and contact and additional credit if required. Keep it minimal.
    /* ***************************************************** */
    /*        MY MOD FOR OPEN REALTY 1.1.0+ VERSION 000000	 */
    /*        			 */
    /*				code excerpts from			 */
    /* ***************************************************** */
    Remember that additional text even if commented still needs to be read so load time are effected.
    DONT add install instructions to the page that is to be included for the reasons above. Its not hard to add a text file to the package.

    Allways give credit where credit is due. If you were helped or got the starting code from someone it costs nothing to give them the credit they deserve even if it means includeing a credits.txt in the package. This is just showing a bit of respect.

    Every mod must include instructions. How you do these is entirely up to you. I prefer html most prefer text. What its written with means little but how good they are can be the difference between good and bad.
    Make your instructions precise and made to work on a standard installation of the version its for.
    Where possible give line numbers for insertions of additional code as well as sample code to assist in searching if needed. The best mod is one that intrudes very little on original codeing becouse the main source updates without effecting anything but some people add bits and pieces to the main code so this is where precision comes in.
    Look at your code from someone elses viewpoint and see where they may go wrong during the install and make changes to prevent it happening.

    If you have something to say to everyone do it in the instructions.

    So you have made it tested it packaged it what are you waiting for post it allready

    Now the fun begins. You know it works for you on 12 servers but not everyone is you or hosted on your servers so people will have problems.
    If you properly tested you will have few problems If your install instructions are good you will have very few problems.

    Try to respond to posts on your mod thread asap. useing the watch this topic is a good way to do this.
    If you update your file make a post at the end of your thread to show it as some people wont visit the thread unless it is unread. A change will not make it unread!
    If you or someone else has a fix or addition include it in the package and let people know its done.

    Happy Modding
    Note: While the instructions given are basic and too the point it is simply good practice to follow if not on the line at least close to it to keep the source moveing ahead.

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    Remember that additional text even if commented still needs to be read so load time are effected.
    No. They are not read... it only ignores them. they are not read into memory so therefore using comments to put in your script causes slightly any loadtime differential.

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