In addition to the general Forum Rules the following rules apply to this forum.

  • This area is strictly for General Help and discussion of Open-Realty®. It is not a place to advertise anything of any kind.
  • Do not post "coming soon" advertisements or solicitations for any product or service here. This is not a sales or free advertisement forum.

These rules may be updated periodically, so be sure to revisit this thread from time to time.

Whenever requesting help for Open-Realty in any of the support forums, it is best if you always provide the following information at a minimum:

  • OR version
  • A list of any add-ons you are have installed
  • A link to your site, specifically to the page(s) where you are having problems.

When describing a problem, don't assume anyone here already knows what you are talking about and is following right along with you. Spend as much time describing your problem as you would expect someone responding to you to spend diagnosing your problem.