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Thread: One RSS feed has stopped working

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    Default One RSS feed has stopped working

    Both the last modifed and featured listing RSS feeds have been working fine for months.

    Today a client advised me that the last modified feed gets a feed code error in IE7. I tried myself and sure enough it doesn't work in IE7 but is ok in Firefox.

    The featured listing feed works fine.

    In site config the rss config is

    If I change to

    The last mod rss then displays (albeit without the listing description)

    Why would the featured listing be ok with this filed but the last mod rss have a problem with it?

    Also I am finding that other fields (e.g. listing_field_price) cause IE to fail yet they are ok in Firefox.


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    Default Re: One RSS feed has stopped working

    Without a link so we can see the actual error it's hard to say what is wrong. Maybe this thread will help.

    It could be a problem on 1 and not the other if one of the last mod listings has html code in it.

    It is probably OK in Firefox as Firefox has a better RSS reader that IE7 does.


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