About six months ago I integrated OpenRealty into an existing website and it worked great. I just upgraded to v 2.5.3 and it's not working anymore. I don't know if it's a configuration problem or since it was so long ago, whether there's a file I overwrote that I need.

Mainly, I have a page (MAIN.HTML) that has {content} in the main part. That used to bring OpenRealty into it and it was great. Now I get a barebones page even though Main.html is my file.

Was there another file I overwrote that I need? is it something in the configuration? Obviously it's been a while and I didn't document what I did.....I know, I know.


NOTE: Cancel this.....I forgot that I needed to add the customized MAIN.HTML into the template folder. WHOOPS! If I could figure out how to delete this I would!