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    Ok I really like this program and just want a plain and simple site. I pruned it down to simple. One thing that I am wanting to do and cant seem to figure it out in the main template for Lazuli. The Logo is Title.jpg I can not find the coding that inserts this picture into the maintemplate. I have thought I had it a couple of times but was mistaken. What is the code that inserts this?

    Can you edit Classes in this program?

    I am actually just wanting to leave everything the same and put a banner logo over everything as a header and delete the title.jpg insert. Banner like the Autumn default.

    Can anyone explain to me or send a Open Realty for Dummies Guide
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    Hi, that title is inserted by css rule. Look in style.css and you will find it.
    Yes, you can edit classes read There and in this forum you will find everything you need.

    If you need to edit title picture, you will find .psd files. If you never heard about .psd, i had uploaded title picture without default text some time ago. Good searching

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