In addition to the general Forum Rules the following rules apply to this forum.

The Sandbox forum is for sandboxing with the Open-Realty® source code. Questions about core file modifications are only allowed to be posted in this forum.

Posting here does not guarantee you will receive a response. The Sandbox forum receives the lowest priority from OR Developers, installation problems and general help issues in the other forums will always receive priority.

The OR development team works hard to provide a feature rich and stable software. Making core file modifications is not recommended due to the unpredictable effect changes may have on other functions of the software, the difficulty in maintaining and upgrading a modified version of the software.

With that said, the development team would like to encourage more community involvement in feature enhancements, bug fixes and templating of Open-Realty. The sandbox forum was created for people to mess around with the core files of Open-Realty and share these changes for others to use.

You may post code changes or entire files to this forum. ALL posts in this forum MUST ALWAYS INCLUDE THE OPEN-REALTY VERSION THE CHANGES WERE MADE AND TESTED ON.

Code posted here are the work of users in the Open-Realty community. While the developers of Open-Realty may try to review code posted here and may remove anything that may not be compatible or is harmful we can not guarantee anything posted here is tested, functional, or suitable for a particular purpose.

Transparent Technologies, Inc. (the creators of Open-Realty) makes no warranties of any sort for any modifications, you are downloading or using anything you find here at your own risk. Since some code modifications may not be compatible with all versions of Open-Realty we strongly suggest that you test the modifications on a site that is not live and that you create backups of your site and database prior to making any changes.

We stresses the importance of maintaining the ability to update your software to the latest official release for the latest features, bug fixes and security fixes/enhancements. If you are not familiar with the code you are modifying, or how it will effect your ability to upgrade in the future then please do not make any modifications.

Code posted to the sandbox forum may eventually be incorporated in part or in full into an official release of Open-Realty in accordance with the Open-Realty license.

Open-Realty was designed with the Add-on system in order to allow most enhancements or customizations to be made without modifying core code. It is highly recommended that you utilize the Add-on system whenever possible.