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    Default Need to Change site layout and make compliant

    Hi again,
    I would like to start off by saying thanks to all the OR developers, & others for all your hard work.

    This is long because I want to be as detailed as possible per board rules.

    I am in need of a change..
    About 90% of what I need are going to be layout (CSS) related.

    To start I would like my site to be updated to the current version. (I'm one behind)
    I need to make it more user friendly and to do that need the following:

    • Tabbed search area on main page to include property search, other tab would be Property Manager Search, next tab would be School Search.
    • More compact login area
    • I have a Google rss feed that has 2 or 3 feeds (depending on which is showing) within the site.. for instance I would like the colors to be the same as the site and possibly have tabs around the titles.. Example is on right side and says In The News and here in the middle.
    • On the Listing results page, I need a search area above the results that hopefully can retain the search criteria and they can refine search from that page instead of going back to the main search page. There is also the sort by featured thats already sorted by Featured then price and I need that to remain.
    • On the Agent profile page I would like the photo and other listing to show. I have added other fields and need those to appear more uniform, like the Company, Motto, Locations Served etc.

    • On the Listing Detail page I have the information pretty much like I want it but the layout is a main issue.. I need the photos to be in a slideshow like they are but would also like thumbs to be underneath the slideshow and have the imgHighSlide addon by CanariasData applied to it. I already have it in the addon folder.
    • Also on the Detail page I would like it to have a Tabbed area underneath the photos.. (found in the Docs) the tabs would have Details which includes description and property features, Community tab would include the community info and neighborhood info, Map tab which of course would have the map and if possible a directions area (I saw it someones site.. not important though), and under the tabs would be the agent info to include an inline contact form (PB said it could be placed on the page). Tabs example..
    • On the Details page I need an area next to the photos to have the tools (print, contact, email friend, Download files, Add to Favs, etc..). Under that would be the Agent photo or logo with contact agent link to the form at the bottom and under that would be an area for adverts.. preferably the area would 180 to fit 180 by 150 advertisement. But thats not mandatory.
    • I need the photos to not move the page when they are in the slideshow. As of now the page shifts when vertical pictures rotate and goes back when horizontal photos show, I would like a fixed height or area if possible.
    • On the main page I need sections defined like Tips, Waiting list, Open Houses, Going Green, Stop Renting. I need these to be css'd so the areas will be a certain size. I could provide thumbnail to go with the section.

    The rotating information I have within the site is based in a php file on PHPAdNews and whenever I update the page with WYSIWYG editor I have to re-enter the php code. I need it, if possible, to not be erased. Here is a page with rotators on it.. the part under the contact area.. program info, then ads, then search..those are in with PHPAdNews.

    I need 3 different page layoutss (templates) for the site, I know these are addressed in the Docs (I think its the one that calls for a different layout on different pages.. can't think of the name) but could never get it to work for me. So basically one for the main page, One for the inner pages and the last would be for the listing detail page. Same everything like headers and left menu bar, the differences are as follows:

    • on the detail page I need it to be a little wider because of the photos, maps, etc.. I would like it to have a area in the right column that's for a refine search box already with the criteria defined.
    • The second layout would be the inner pages; moving, search results, tips, etc.. It would have the layout as it is now except a 250 right column for adverts, rss feeds and a tabbed info area for login, and different sections.
    • The main layout is basically the one I need redone with different sections, a Featured listing rotator (addon I saw and am purchasing) at the top (as it is now I have a tabbed area in that spot), area for other featured agents, featured community, Spotlight Non profits, the Google feed mentioned earlier, and of course the tabbed search box in the middle. It would have a right column maybe 160 wide for my information thats inside php files.

    I would like my colors to stay the same and my content to stay the same.
    A must is the tabbed area at the top with the small ad spaces and logo to be clean. I have found a site with a menu based in CSS that I would love to use. Its the one called Peaks.. they look like houses.
    I would love to have a tabbed area in the main page that is similar to the yahoo tabbed area. It is also on a CSS based ite. I tried to implement it on a page outside of the site and it worked but kept breaking the pictures. I think I just didn't know what I was doing. Here is the page.

    I am including ScreenShots of examples of what I need.

    I would like all the addons currently have to stay and I will be purchasing the addon for 'XML Site feeds' from PBFlash, the 'Intelligent Chain Select' by CanariasData, The "Agents Other Listing' by PB, and the 'Featured listing SlideShow' by Al.
    After purchase I need these integrated within the site as needed.

    Again, This looks long but its just me being descriptive.
    Here is the link to my site.
    I would like this done as soon as possible, so if you can't start immediately please don't offer to assist. I would also love to have a completion time frame. 1 month is not an option.

    I have up to $500 for these updates. I, of course, would like it to be valid code.. I learned recently that you need to ask for your site to be compliant.

    If you have any interest in helping me with this I would love to hear from you. Please don't offer if you don't have experience. If your site is mentioned or is in the screenshots please contact me since you obviously have the required knowledge.

    Thanks for your time.
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