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Thread: A couple of addons needed for a Company Site

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    Default A couple of addons needed for a Company Site

    I have searched around the forums and haven't seen any solutions for this.I know I could figure this out, but I just don't have nor want to spend the time trying. Therefore if this is simple please point me in the right direction, if not I'll happily pay for the help and I will post this over in the work section.

    Firstly, I need an addon that will display featured listings based upon a listingdbelement field, ie. companyid or officeid. I know I could manually change the listings to featured, but I know this would get neglected as its not going to be my job to maintain.

    Next I'm going to be pulling mls listings via the transparentrets addon and mapping them to their listings agents via that addon. This leaves the remaining listings to one generic listing agent. I'd like for these listings to be randomly using an agent as the contact agent. Basically if I click on a listing that is listed by a company other than ours, I'd like for one of our active agents in OR to be the contact agent. It should be random an ideal the listing would be assigned to this agent so someone could add it to their favorites and have the same contact each time they logged on. I could see this to be much more difficult, so if it is we could just have an non office listing be randomly assigned to an office agent each time it is viewed.

    Finally, I'd like for the listings on each agents page to display all of their listings, obviously, as well as all of the listings that they are the coagent on. I don't think I need two contact agents, the main agent and the coagent, on the listing detail, but I'd like for a team member to display all of their listings when they are the main agent or the coagent when someone looks at all of the agents listings.

    I don't think it will, but just in case it matters I am using CMS realty and Joomla 1.5x

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Default Re: A couple of addons needed for a Company Site

    There is a Work forum for posting paid work requests.
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