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    I just upgraded from version 2.4.3 to 2.5.7 and now in my listing editor I am getting an error (sort of) that just shows the {listing_hit_count} and not what I would expect: ie Hits: 2000.

    Do I need to add a field to one of the mysql tables or is there something else I can do to get the listing editor to show the actual hits?


    p.s. I forgot to mention that the page listing outside of the editor, does show the listing hits. Always did, so I know this is coming from some other variable.

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    Did you select the correct upgrade pull-down option when you ran the OR installer? If not, or you just copied the v2.5.7 files without running the installer that's your problem.
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    I selected the option upgrade from 2.x.x to .......


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