After installing (from OR's site) TinyMCE on OR 2.5.7 and purchasing MCImageManager, I was informed that I had to upgrade TinyMCE to one of the latest version to be able to integrate the MCImageManager plugin.

Now, TinyMCE Version 3.2.7 seems to fucntion properly on OR 2.5.7 but installing the MCImageManager plugin remains a well hidden mystery to me(MCImageManager). I did contact the Moxie code people several times for some support but they keep on referring me to their online doc. and this: "You do need a bit of knowledge in either the system you are integrating into, or the language used for integration (Javascript, some server language etc) in order to fully integrate the software.

And as I said, first find the TinyMCE configuration (usually the page that has TinyMCE in it). Should look something like the Source tab in our examples pages."

Has anyone gone through the same problem yet? Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.