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Thread: How to embed Youtube Videos on Open Realty Website

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    Default How to embed Youtube Videos on Open Realty Website

    Hi Friends,

    Do any one know how to embed Youtube Videos on Open realty website on the listing page of the property or if there is any addons for showing Youtube Video on the listing page of the website.

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    Default Re: How to embed Youtube Videos on Open Realty Website

    this question is obviously older then a year and it never got answered

    I seams to be obvious why, a search gives a million answers, but are they really answers - I don't think so

    Therefore I will give it a try to shed light in this confusion

    I have been reading thread over thread now and the actual problem remains unanswered

    Either someone can not find the download (I have tried out at least 3 different), or the documentation or get the popup to work and the following answers always take you back to the other original unsolved questions , - the links are broken ( e.g. the documentation) or by the time it starts to be an unambiguous phrased question - there is no further answers ...

    please excuse me if I have not found the one (?) thread that annihilates all further confusions

    I actually don't mind if the answer I am looking for is a commercial add-on and a link with a paypal order, but please ones again

    How can I embed (not link) YouTube videos in the listing template in the individual listings as it can be seen on this site :

    there is no link, no pop-up, it simply is embeded in the middle of the listing *thumbupmode-on*

    thank you very much and excuse that slight sarcasm

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