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Thread: Installation instructions - featured listing on external page

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    Default Installation instructions - featured listing on external page

    Reference the addon at this location:

    Question 1: In step 3, I need to change:
    $OR_URL=""; //without trailing slash

    If OR is installed in '', where do I put 'subdir'? In other words, which of these is correct:
    - ""
    - ""
    - ""
    - etc.

    Question 2: In step 5, is the following the exact code (it is listed only as an example)? Do I need to plug my domain name or subdirectory in anywhere?

    Question 3: This addon is to display the featured listings on a non-OR page. Is there a way to display instead the 'latest listings' on a non-OR page? I notice that there is an addon for the latest listings ( but it apparently works on on a OR page.

    Sorry, but I'm non-technical and have never installed an ADDON before, so this is not clear to me. I've tried various combinations and can't get it to work.
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    Answer 1: is the one to use

    Answer 2:

    PATH/TO/ represent where in your domain you have uploaded the extfeat.php file but it is relative to the page you have to show the featured listings on. so if you have uploaed it to to use on a page located at then use


    this is to be place where u want the listings to show


    <div><h2>Featured Listings</h2>

    Answer 3:
    I'm gonna try to make an addon to do tht as i need that function on a site as well.

    hope this helped


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