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    This is my first addon to give something back to the community!

    As ever, backup your dB before you install and use it.

    This addon will generate a Google XML sitemap in your root directory (

    Add the appropriate line to your robots.txt file to ensure that all the search engines know which of your pages are the "important ones"! (Sitemap:

    It was designed and tested for version 2.5.6 and then (hurriedly - yesterday) updated for version 2.5.7 (to include the blogs).

    Key points are -

    1. This is aimed at sites that use SEO friendly URL's.

    2. For it to work with version 2.5.7 you must "uncomment" the relevant section.

    3. Set the relevant update frequency and priority as you see fit - this is only a "guide" for the search engines and does not mean that they will scan your site to that schedule (please take note).

    4. The file is commented to help you update and amend it as you see fit.


    If you do not want to part with "hard cash" please PM me for details of a link to my website to help me.....
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