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    Default RSS feed on OR Homepage

    Hello Community.

    This is a very simple and basic addon to include RSS or Atom feed into your OR web site.
    A client of mine who has Open-Realty and a Wordpress blog installed asked me to include the 7 latest blog entries into his Open-Realty homepage.

    For this I found "SimplePie" at the best solution and turned it into an addon that does what my client wanted.
    For this addon to work, you must download the file from the above website and upload it to your server.
    Simplepie offers plenty of configuration options. Please refer to the SimplePie documentation for further information.

    This addon is just a basic guide for you and as it is setup for my client it shows:

    - Title
    - Content
    - Post date
    - Permalink to entry

    ..of the last 7 blog entries.

    Include {addon_rssfeeds_display} in your template where you want the blog entries to show.

    You can change the layout of the output inside the addon by using your own side wide styles to match you overall page design.
    As I said before, SimplePie is a very powerful tool (my opinion ) and what this addon does is only the most basic functionality.

    Have fun!
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