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Thread: open realty php programmer needed to modify code

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    Smile open realty php programmer needed to modify code

    I need a php, mysql developer to modify open-realty 2.0 for my site.

    The project is not that complicated.

    I will be uploading real estate based listing
    I will charge customer per package to see those listings.
    I need to have following features.

    1. google map
    2. zillow zestimate scripts
    3. user mgmt for their accounts
    4. ban ips
    5. ban users or ip address

    if your interested please contact me with a rough quote keep in mind my budget is limited this is few hours of work for experienced php programmer.

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    Default Re: open realty php programmer needed to modify code

    classic - you don't know how to do it yet you know how long it will take to do. there is NO WAY that's a 'few hours' of work.

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