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    Default ie6 No More addon

    Basically displays a message to update to a more modern browser if using Internet Explorer less than version 7 (ie: version 6):

    You can see the different code samples in a few language choices here:

    As usual, unzip, add "ie6nomore" folder to addon directory. Use "{addon_ie6nomore_display}" tag.

    Next version I may add separate css file and have images stored locally.

    *Help note; if anyone can help add code for cookies, so viewer will only see the message the first time they view the site, I think that would be very good feature. Otherwise could be annoying seeing the message every time! :(
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    Default Re: ie6 No More addon

    Here's an update, I have add separate CSS file and also stored images locally.

    You can also choose whether to display "outdate browser" message for IE version less than 7 or IE version less than and equal to 7. Go to line 45 in "" file and alter accordingly.

    I still hope to add cookies at a later date as mentioned.


    Thanks to Eduardo for pointing out and fixing my addon. I didn't add $config as global and start with $display no value. I have deleted v0.2 and replaced it with Eduardo's fix v.03.

    Good job Eduardo, thanks again
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