This has got me scratching my head.

This is the url to view your favorites:


This works perfectly. Favorites are displayed.

But, for my template I've added &tab=my_favorites to the url so I can keep track of which tab is active. So, I end up with:


This doesn't work. Favorites are not displayed and the default search form is rendered. Obviously the tab parameter is upsetting the search engine.

What I find strange is that I have other similar urls such as:

.../index.php?action=edit_profile&user_id=3&tab=my_pro file

which takes me, as expected, to the edit profile page while allowing me to keep track that I'm on the my_profile tab. All other urls like this work just fine, but not the favorites url.

Any clues?

Here's the site url. You can log in as guest/guest to check the problem.