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    LOGINSTYLE ADDON - Version 1 - August/2009
    @PhP code - Eduardo Marques
    *CSS - Renato.Dias
    Under O.R. 2.5.7

    Insert {addon_loginstyle_display} at your ADMIN main.html file right BEFORE the closing "head" tag - as the main.html included.

    At your admin/main.html file enclose the {content} tag with an HTML class or id (as example included) and use the add-on stylesheet to aply the style you wish.

    i´m using -moz-border-radius:#px; and -webkit-border-radius:#px; to round the form loging and submit buttom´s.
    i´m test and this works if FF3+, GC2+ SF4+, i think the opera browser will implement the "CSS border radius" in next release.

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